The LX Costume Collection

Levendia-X created their costume collection based on the curriculum taught over the past 15 years. Suites put together representing the mainland, Makedonia and the Aegean Islands are perfectly complemented by their respective costumes. Our collection consists of the following costumes:

  • Desfina and the Foustanella,representing mainland Greece
  • Yannitsari, Boules representing Naoussa, Makedonia
  • Kratero,representing Florina, Makedonia
  • Bourazani, representing Epirus
  • The Empona and Vraka, representing the Dodecanese Islands

  • The Bourazani (Peasant Costume; Ioannina, Epirus)

    This costume is worn in Epirus, particularly in the villages near Ioannina, but is also worn by the Sarakatsani and the Vlachs in other regions. This outfit consists of distinct white trousers (bourazana panovraki/tsaxiri), a sleeveless waistcoat for daily wear (yileki), tsarouhia and a black felt cap (skoufi/kalpaki).