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Levendia X 25 Plus Years of History


Sunday afternoons on the Danforth have always been fairly typical during the summer. Children play in the parks and around the town square fountain, families stroll the street looking for their favourite eatery as local restaurants tempt the senses with aromas of bbq souvlakia from their open kitchen windows.

On one particular Sunday in 1996, a flock of dance students from around the city gathered to participate in auditions for a new group being formed in Toronto. The goal was to elevate the dance experience. A group of 33 dancers emerged, and quickly adopted the name Levendia-X, which reflected the manner in which they strove to dance. The first performance was at a NYE celebration, and they quickly were a town favourite as they danced at local restaurants along the Danforth. For 20 years, the groupís passion has been an inspiration to young and old. They are proud to be a pioneer in Greek cultural dance circles in Toronto.

Levendia attracts individuals that have a similar passion for traditional Hellenic dance. Our program provides a forum where dancers may continue to learn, practice and perform with their peers at a professional level. For most individuals in the group, dancing as a way of life, and Levendia provides an escape and an opportunity to practice an art form, learn more about the Greek culture, stay fit, meet people, and have fun. Since their inception, the group has been an active participant in the evolution of Greek dance in a vibrant multicultural city. The goal has always focused on the preservation of Greek cultural tradition through music, song and traditional dance.

The group invests a lot of time and effort into its success. They participate in weekly practice schedules during the entire year, and meet monthly to discuss the direction and needs of the group as they prepare for their appearances. They perform regularly at public festivals, corporate events, dinner galas and private functions, such as weddings and Christmas parties. Their presentations provide a level of life and energy to every function, and both Greeks and philhellenes enjoy them.

Today the groupís membership consists of people who are multiple-generation Greek-Canadians. Their dances and costumes are representative of regions across Greece and Cyprus. Levendia is an active participant in our community, and its members are proud to play a part in the evolution of Greek dance tradition in Toronto: ensuring the preservation of Greek cultural tradition in Canada.