The LX Costume Collection

Levendia-X created their costume collection based on the curriculum taught over the past 15 years. Suites put together representing the mainland, Makedonia and the Aegean Islands are perfectly complemented by their respective costumes. Our collection consists of the following costumes:

  • Desfina and the Foustanella,representing mainland Greece
  • Yannitsari, Boules representing Naoussa, Makedonia
  • Kratero,representing Florina, Makedonia
  • Bourazani, representing Epirus
  • The Empona and Vraka, representing the Dodecanese Islands
  • florina

    The Kratero (Florina, Makedonia)

    This traditional costume of Kratero is the most recent addition to the Levendia-X collection. It consists of a white cotton shirt Embroidered at the sleeves with coloured thread. The bodice Is covered by a neck scarf, made from a piece of pale blue cotton cloth. On top of this, a short, black segouni is worn,layerecd by a wollen sash, 2m in length. This costumes is further adorned by an apron woven wotj black and yellow yarn. Coins also complement this costume which symbolize the gifts offered by the groom's family. This costume is topped-off with the headscarf, worn tightly over the head.