We are happy to annouce that our 4th Annual Tselemente Event, held on Sunday May 3, 2015, was a great success. The session covered the recipe for DIPLES featuring East York's very own gourmand, Zoe Vlachos-Alafogiannis. Levendia X is organizing the next event. Please check our site frequently or email us and we will add you to the mailing list.

Nikolaos Tselemente's

(1878 - 1958) was one of the first famous Greek chefs of the 20th century. Having published many cook books during his lifetime, he is considered by many as one of the most influential Greek cook book writers of modern Greece. As a result, his name is commonly synonymous with "cookbook", and the selected name for Levendia's cooking workshop.

Levendia-X Hellenic Folklore Association Dance Group has been entertaining audiences with presentations of Greek dance for 17 years. We are proud to promote our Hellenic culture through music, song, dance and now food. We welcome everyone to participate in this food phenomenon.

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