The LX Costume Collection

Levendia-X created their costume collection based on the curriculum taught over the past 15 years. Suites put together representing the mainland, Makedonia and the Aegean Islands are perfectly complemented by their respective costumes. Our collection consists of the following costumes:

  • Desfina and the Foustanella,representing mainland Greece
  • Yannitsari, Boules representing Naoussa, Makedonia
  • Kratero,representing Florina, Makedonia
  • Bourazani, representing Epirus
  • The Empona and Vraka, representing the Dodecanese Islands
  • The Empona (Rhodes; Dodecanese Islands)

    empona costume

    This costume consists of a hand woven white cotton chemise, embroidered with light-coloured threads at the hem line. A black cotton or silk-finished dress is worn over the chemise. The dress is fitted at the bosom, but pleated and free-flowing at the skirt. The skirt is decorated with rows of bright green, yellow and red ribbons. A hand woven, dark maroon sash is tied around the waist. The head scarf, either blue, green or red brocade, is folded into a triangle shape and tied around the head in such an intricate manner that the shape of a rose appears at the side of the head. The costume is completed with leather boots of unusual construction. Two colours are used: the bottom half of the boot is beige and the upper part is black. Originally, the boots were embroidered. However later, colored threads were used instead within the seams. Levendia-X's Empona costume does not include the boots, however, since character shoes are worn for performance purposes. Rows of gold coins may be hung from the shoulders down to the knees for a bride to show her dowry.

    The Vraka (Dodecanese Islands)

    vraka This costume, which is worn in some variation on all the Aegean islands, is the classical type of male dress. This consists of a white shirt, the black baggy trousers (vraka), a red sash (zonari) and a sleeveless-crossed waistcoat (yileki). This costume is usually completed with a pair of black leather boots.